Where There Is a Will There Is A Waiting Relative

There’s nothing like the sniff of money to bring family and those closely related out of the woodwork when it comes to the death of a potentially wealthy relative. Across the reaches of time there have been some unsightly bun fights for the assets of a deceased when the possibility of a big inheritance is in the air.

All the more reason then why you should have a valid last Will and testament so that you can be sure that your assets are going to go where you wanted them to go.

Probably the quintessential scrap of all time over the assets of a deceased estate also happens to involve the shortest Will ever presented and accepted for probate. It happened in the United Kingdom in the year 1906. The Will of the deceased simply said “All to Mother”. Now anyone in their right mind would have to suspect that such a Will could lead to trouble and this one sure did.

The court proceedings which ensued over that particular estate saw the wife and the deceased’s mother going at it toe to toe over the inheritance, both claiming legal right to the assets


How To Ensure You Are Properly Treated By Your Company After Sustaining An Injury At Work

Working in the construction or manufacturing industry is one of the known high-risks jobs that even though companies and their employees comply with all the occupational health and safety policies, they’re still confronted with so many other unstable variables. While your company may uphold proper safety practices and you as well as other employers take extra care, there are still circumstances that may possibly take place during working hours that are way beyond your control. Accidents or serious injuries are just around the corner. Workers like you are always exposed to different kinds of danger that one miscalculated movement is unforgivable because it might cause you your life.

Companies are always mandated by law to take responsibility. They should help out in the investigations. They must provide financial compensation to victims. They must think of the workers whose abilities are compromised by the accident at work by creating a new job for them. The problem is, not all companies uphold such duties. Instead of helping their workers who have had injury, they even prolong the process to make the victim’s claims invalid due to the “time element.” They go through lengths just to avoid giving payments to


Understanding Workers Compensation Discrimination and Retaliation

One of the risks of being an employee is getting injured while in the line of work. Regardless if you are on a temporary or permanent, or you work either full-time or part-time, you have the right to claim for workers’ compensation benefits for any work-related injuries you sustained. However, if you have been discriminated against because you are filing such a claim or receiving benefits from it, then you must exercise your employee rights in order for your employer to be held accountable for its actions or inactions.

Employer discrimination and retaliation

If you are an employee and you are receiving workers’ compensation, you are classified as a member of a protective group under the federal and California employment and labor laws, although it is temporary. For you to be in such a group, you must be outside of the normal parameters that make up the entire workforce, such as race, gender, age, sexual orientation, nation of origin, and religion.

Thus, being within a certain protective group means that you cannot be subjected to any kind of adverse employment decision, such as demotion, deprivation of salary, or termination. In other words, your employer cannot


Feeling Out Patent Attorneys Before Hiring Them

When individuals hold certain intellectual property, it is likely that they will take steps to make sure that it will be protected as well as possible. Many of these individuals retain insurance policies or strive to properly protect the important items that they own like their home, car, or other major valuables. Along this line, intellectual property must be protected as well. If you hold the original concept to something or have created it, it is vital that you make sure to protect it so that nobody else can profit off of your hard work. This is why invention patents are so important to protecting original ideas. To obtain a patent, you have to submit a federal request to the government. If the patent is granted, then these government officials will place a detailed description of the intellectual property in a document called a “patent disclosure.” However, this is easier said than done. The process of obtaining a patent is extremely difficult to parse for the layperson, which is why most people should retain patent attorneys to help them with the process.

However when you are choosing between patent attorneys, you will


What To Look for in a Legal Translation Services Provider?

Patents, legal briefs and other legal documents should only be trusted to legal translation services provider. Important documents that pertains to your work and those that will have significant impact on your life must not be trusted to just anybody. Conduct a thorough search for a reliable and trusted company that can handle these sensitive materials. You might regret choosing a mid-level translation company to handle these types of matters in the end.

There are lots of translation services providers everywhere because of the demand for this type of service but there are only a few of them who specialize in legal translations. Those companies who specialize in this type of translation have what it takes to have an output that is 100 percent accurate which you can not find in mid-level companies that mostly handles general and common translation needs. Legal translation is a technical matter and it should be handled not only by a translator but with a team of experts who knows about the ins and outs of the subject matter. A patent for example should preferably be translated by a team that includes the translator, a lawyer who specializes in patents and a


Reasons for Temporary Custody Agreements and Visitation Schedules

There are several reasons why a parent would need to create a temporary custody agreement.

The most common reason for temporary custody arrangements is child custody. When parents divorce or separate, they will need to create a temporary custody agreement that they will have to follow until their custody case is finalized.

The temporary agreement will be made at the onset of their custody proceedings. This will provide for the care and custody of their child until a final plan can be made. This will also allow the parents the opportunity to test how their custody arrangements will work. If there are problems with the plan, the parents will have the opportunity to make changes and adjustments to the agreement before it becomes a permanent court order.

Your temporary agreement will more than likely serve as the foundation for your permanent order. Many judges simply adopt the interim agreement when ruling on your custody case, especially if you were not able to come to an alternate agreement with the other parent in the custody process.

It is very important to put a lot of thought and consideration into your custody agreement and temporary visitation


Main Types Of Child Custody

Getting custody of a child can be a very difficult experience. If you want to get custody, though, you need to make sure that you have some of the vocabulary down. There are several types of legal custody, and you need to make sure that you know what kind of custody that you need. At the very least, you need to make sure that you know the difference between legal, physical, joint and sole custody.


Legal custody is defined as the right and ability to make decisions for a child. These decisions might include medical, educational or even religious matters. This also means that the parent has to primary responsibility to provide for the child’s general welfare. In most situations, parent share legal custody of a child even if the child only lives with one parent. There are still many cases in which a single parent or guardian maintains sole legal custody.


Physical custody is perhaps the easiest type of child custody to understand. When a parent has physical custody, the child lives with him or her. In many cases, this parent is called the “custodial parent”. The parent who does not


Turning Off The Implanted Defibrillator (ICD) At The End of Life: Legal and Medical Considerations

Imagine this scenario:
You make your wishes known to your family that you do not want to be kept alive by extreme measures. In fact, you have signed a Living Will saying so, as well as a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order. Yet, in your final hours of life, your heart is automatically jolted by a series of powerful — yet futile — electric shocks from a defibrillator, violently disrupting the peaceful ending you tried so hard to preserve.

How could this happen? The implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD) that was surgically placed in your chest — to automatically deliver a strong electric shock to restore a regular rhythm to your heart if it starts beating out of synch — unfortunately will continue to do so to the failing heart of a person who is dying.

How bad can it get? There are many unfortunate examples in the medical literature and mainstream media. One man on home hospice care suffered 33 painful shocks as he lay dying in his wife’s arms, and his ICD got so hot that it burned through his skin. In another example, a daughter could not understand why her father’s body was jumping around


Why It Is Important to Learn About Elder Law

Obviously, all of us will get aged – and that’s a fact. This is the reason why we should take time to learn about the scope of Elder Law particularly the benefits and privileges we can get as we reach our senior years. Apart from getting benefits for ourselves, we can also help other people (by sharing what we learn) particularly the old ones who might be not aware of the laws concerning their welfare.

There are two prime advantages of learning about Elder Law and these are the following:

  • It makes us become more aware of the benefits and privileges dedicated for seniors; thus, it can help us get the most out of it when we get old.
  • Our awareness in elder law will also enable us to help others to get the optimum benefits that they can get from privileges designed for elderly (e.g. we can help our loved ones – parents, grandparents, senior friends – to get the full benefit of the law.

Some specific benefits of learning about elder law:

  • Medicaid – this is part of the elder law that senior people can benefit; it is the US health program that

Factors to Consider When Filing an Unemployment Claim

No one looks forward to being unemployed. Indeed, unemployment results in many hardships and challenges. Fortunately, in the event of unemployment, you can consider filing for unemployment claims. This provides you with temporary wage benefits particularly if you are a qualified person who is out of employment through no fault of yours.

How to file an unemployment claim

ยท Determine your eligibility

The first step towards this end is to determine your eligibility, to qualify for the benefits. There are certain requirements you need to meet. To qualify you should have lost your job, but with no fault of yours. Furthermore, to qualify you should be looking out for a job and be ready to accept a new opportunity when offered. To collect the benefits, it is important to verify you are available, able and willing to accept work.

o Monetary eligibility requirements

In order to qualify for monetary benefits you must prove having received wages for more than 2 quarters within the base period. In addition, you should have period wages of a minimum of 1-1/2 times of the income in the quarter with the highest earnings. You should also have a



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